Susannah Hume

Susannah Hume

Principal Advisor and Head of Skills

Susannah heads up the team’s programmes on education-to-work transitions and post-16 skills, including further, technical and higher education, and apprenticeships. She is also interested in education and skills issues facing the UK’s regions, such as employer engagement, reskilling, and matching skills to the local economy. Susannah has a multidisciplinary background in political science and public policy, statistical methods, behavioural economics, business and English. Prior to joining the team, Susannah worked on strategic policy issues in the Australian Government Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Student success through nudge-based approaches

Skills 3

In the past three years, we have worked with over 25 FE Colleges and thousands of students seeking to answer the question: how can we support FE students’ learning and motivation using personalised, timely, and supportive text messages? In this session, we will share our research on engaging social networks (including parents and peers) in […]