Ron Cohen

Ron Cohen

Education consultant

My 45 years’ experience in Education at all levels include my holding senior posts in schools and colleges. Before I left to begin my inspection work, I was a second tier senior leader ( Director of Continuing Education), responsible for teaching and learning for cross collegiate courses in the college.
Since 1994 I have been self-employed as an education consultant and a school inspector. I have just finished working with OFSTED. Between 1994 and 2016, I inspected over 500 schools, both primary and secondary, in the state and independent sectors, and led the inspection teams in more than 150 of them.
I am consulted by schools and colleges in all areas of school and college improvement. These include improvement in all aspects of teaching and learning, with particular emphasis on their effective leadership and management.

Teaching and Learning; Making Effective Practice Standard Practice

Skills 3

The FE/skills world is rightly receiving emphasis on its role in preparing the country’s students for their, and the country’s future. However, irrespective of student groups ( 16-19; Adults; Apprentices), a plethora of OFSTED reports,,show that colleges receive judgments which are below (and sometimes far below) “outstanding”,because of the inconsistency in teaching across the college, […]