Richard Thickpenny

Richard Thickpenny

Deputy CEO Experienced project manager and Chartered Quality Professional working with refugee communities since 2004, has built a powerful reputation for designing and delivering innovative projects. This has ranged from supplementary school provision to the more recent #RethinkingRefugee programme which aims to progress 25,000 individuals from refugee backgrounds towards quality jobs over the next 10 years by taking a collective impact approach to personal progression. Through Erasmus he is working with European partners on assessment methodologies and curricula to train other agencies to be able to work effectively with refugees.
He speaks regularly around the UK on refugee integration and is on the strategic board of Learning & Work Institute’s Festival of Learning and University of Bath’s Social Enterprise Innovation Programme, is a member of the European Agenda for Adult Learning: England Impact Forum as well as being a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts.

#Rethinking Refugee in FE

Skills 3

When working with refugees the teaching paradigm is focussed on language acquisition and employability where the training provider considers themselves to be the ‘expert’ and the refugee as a ‘special need’. As a consequence training programmes are often designed from the perspective of the training providers ‘expert’ analysis of the refugee’s needs, rather than the […]