Ria Steventon

Ria Steventon

Director, Advancement Training Limited

Ria Steventon is the Director of Advancement Training Limited; a company which specialises in providing initial teacher training qualifications and CPD short courses.
Ria graduated in 2015 with 1st class honours from the University of Wolverhampton with a degree in post-compulsory education and is currently studying a Masters in Education with the University of Derby.
Ria started teaching in 2008, delivering Personal and Social Development to NEETS students for an Independent Training Provider in the West Midlands. She soon discovered a passion for teaching, learning, and assessment, which has helped her develop an extensive and multifaceted career (now based in Cambridgeshire) within the Further Education sector; including the performance of internal quality assurance, observations of teaching and learning, leading English departments and mentoring developing teachers. This, in conjunction with the inception of Advancement Training Ltd has ensured Ria continues to work at the forefront of the industry.

The 21st century teacher

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As teachers our role needs to drastically adapt to ensure we provide our students with the best possible chance for their future. Given the internet, there is nothing our students cannot discover…independently. So I ask you…Is it fair to argue that the internet has become a pedagogy? As teachers, is it not better to facilitate […]