Peter Kilcoyne

Peter Kilcoyne

ILT Director

Peter leads the team that won 2015 TES and 2014/15 AoC awards for their work in successfully implementing blended learning across Heart of Worcestershire College and supporting other colleges across the sector in implementing their own blended learning curriculum.
This work has been built upon through setting up the Blended Learning Consortium which now has over 80 Colleges as members and in its first year set up collaborative projects developing and sharing over 1000 hours of online learning content.
Peter has been ILT Director at Heart of Worcestershire College (previously Worcester College of Technology) since 2006. Previous to this he has worked for Jisc as an ILT Curriculum Advisor and has had 14 years’ experience working as a Lecturer and Manager in the FE and HE sectors.

Blended Learning Consortium,resources for the sector by the sector

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The Blended Learning Consortium was launch less than two years ago and has grown at a phenomenal rate to involve around 40% of all UK general FE colleges. The consortium works by members paying in £5K per year with the pooled money being used to co-develop high quality interactive learning resources in democratically chosen curriculum […]