Nick Warren

Nick Warren

Research consultant

Nick Warren came into the FE sector in 1980 and is amazed to still be here. He works as a Director of Marketing, consultant, researcher, author and interim manager and reckons he has worked in 72 colleges. He has also worked in HE, both in the UK and abroad, and has published on FE, Victorian literature, the ballet and, sadly, Area Reviews.

His forthcoming Christmas book, Do you Believe in Mahogany?, is a must buy for all your relatives.

In his spare time he is a volunteer canal lock-keeper.

If you are not confused by FE, then you haven’t understood it

Skills 5

I have just completed, as a commission, a comprehensive guide to the entire English FE system for beginners and in plain English. Covers: policy, funding, inspection, T&L, Assessment, student body, Justice, ACL, ITPs, CPD and everything else. Come and see