Nick Chandley

Nick Chandley

Nick is a qualified teacher but for the past six years has been a full-time consultant in Philosophy for Children, the thinking skills practice upon which Open Futures’ askit strand is based.

He is now one of the country’s most prolific trainers, working with schools, colleges and other institutions, at the same time making sure he doesn’t lose touch with the end-user, the learner.  He edited the handbook that accompanies the foundation course in philosophical enquiry, has worked on several BBC projects, including the phenomenally successful What’s the Big Idea?, and his publication Philosophy for Children through the Secondary Curriculum (Chandley & Lewis, Continuum 2012) shows how there are philosophical opportunities in every subject area.  T

he groundbreaking work in the FE sector, at Central Beds College, continues this theme and has proved incredibly successful with teachers and students alike, drawing very favourable comments from both OFSTED and the HE QAA.

askit – an enquiry-based approach to teaching and learning

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askit is an innovative, enquiry-based approach to teaching and learning that develops students of every subject as independent thinkers and learners. It is particularly relevant to the key judgement area of Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare in the new Common Inspection Framework and has proven impact on attainment.