Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper is an independent consultant who founded the Policy Consortium in 2006, after a role as the Learning and Skills Development Agency’s (LSDA’s) Regional Director for the South East. Prior to that, he worked for 17 years as a lecturer, team leader and manager in two large GFE colleges, in Yorkshire and Hampshire.

Mike has also worked as a school teacher, youth and community worker, senior examiner/moderator and as a writer/editor of educational materials and articles.

Born and brought up in the US, he came to the UK for university in 1972 at the age of 18 – and has lived and worked here, primarily in FE and Skills, ever since.

What Three ‘Great FE and Skills Surveys’ Are Telling Us

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This spring, the Policy Consortium (in association with ‘FE Week’) completed a third ‘Great FE and Skills Survey’. As well as looking at our findings and current messages from the sector’s responses this year, we’ll consider the trends since 2014 – and involve participants in the vital ‘So, what next?’ questions.