Jonathan Wells

Jonathan Wells

Jonathan is a well-known writer, speaker and thought leader in the post-16 maths and English sector with substantial experience of Functional Skills and GCSE.  10 years ago he started Guroo, 2 years ago, he joined ForSkills when the two companies merged.

He has been involved in e-learning for almost 20 years and is the author of several publications.

He writes and edits the Post-16 maths and English newsletter (started in 2007 and now on edition 220).  He is also an Ofqual external expert in assessment.


On-line English and maths is much more than initial assessment

Bartlett 2

The benefits to tutors and institutions of e-learning to support English and maths are reduced costs, improved success rates and crucially, engaged learners. But 80% of all “on-line use” is just assessment tests.  What can we do to engage tutors and learners so they engage with genuine e-learning.