Jenny Williams

Jenny Williams

Jenny has over 20 years’ experience of developing policy and practice in further and adult education and training locally, regionally and nationally.

Prior to transferring to the Education and Training Foundation, she led the work of the Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning and authored the Commission’s report It’s about work… Excellent adult vocational teaching and learning.  

She leads the Foundation’s VET work.  Professional development of apprenticeship provider staff is key to raising quality.  The Future Apprenticeship Support Programme (funded by the BIS Apprenticeships Unit) supports three key priorities:

  • Delivering the new apprenticeship standards – curriculum development and teaching, learning and assessment strategies
  • Employer engagement – transition to a new type of relationship between employers and providers
  • Leaders and those involved in governance – to help achieve growth in apprenticeship provision and implementation of the new standards

News from the frontline of apprenticeships

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Future Apprenticeships is getting strong feedback on the professional development practitioners and leaders need to prepare for changes in the apprenticeships landscape – new standards and assessment strategies, different types of relationships with employers, a new funding model and significant growth in numbers to name but four. New skills are required to respond to the […]