Emma Neath

Emma Neath

Head of Student Development, Gloucestershire College

A complete convert to Further Education and the development it offers young people, Emma is passionate about driving forward and sharing the advancements in the Student Development department at Gloucestershire College. Experience in the private sector, with an international Apprenticeship provider and now 5 years in a large FE college, she is striving for solutions to support the connection between employers and learners. Emma has spent 10 years working to understand the true barriers for reaching workplaces of choice for young people.

She believes that those working in education have the privileged opportunity of helping learners build the confidence to demonstrate their skills, and in turn support employers to understand the value of connecting with curriculum and FE.

Emma is a lover of football, strong coffee and social action projects and hopes one day her love for house music will mean she keeps (at least some) credibility with young people!

Digital Open Badges – supporting students to demonstrate their employability

Skills 6

We have developed online badges through our Virtual Learning Environment which are sponsored and endorsed by local employers and support students to reflect on their Work-related skills they have developed at college. This is an increasingly recognized online platform which enables students (or staff) to carry their badges with them throughout their career. We support […]