David Prinn

David Prinn

The workshop will be led by David Prinn who worked as lead designer on the programme, offered as part of the Education and Training Foundation’s Maths and English Pipeline . David is also a maths PD Lead and was lead writer (maths) for the Level 5 CPD module specifications.

David has previous experience of designing and delivering training courses for maths teachers and co-ordinated the work of a team of experts from the sector to design the content of this course.

He is also moderating an online forum where Professional Development Leads can exchange ideas and experiences of delivering this course.


Encouraging Reluctant Learners for Maths

ETF Speaker Venue 2

We will explore the reasons why GCSE maths learners may be reluctant/ difficult to engage and look at approaches for engaging and motivating them.- based on the GCSE maths CPD module we run for for the Education and Training Foundation. An Education and Training Foundation workshop