Daisy Christodoulou

Daisy Christodoulou

Head of Assessment at Ark Schools

Daisy Christodoulou is the Head of Assessment at Ark Schools, a network of 35 UK academy schools. She works on assessment reform, replacements for UK National Curriculum levels and readiness for new national exams.

Previously, she was Research and Development Manager at Ark, working closely on curriculum reform in secondary English.

She has taught in two London comprehensives and has been part of UK government commissions on the future of teacher training and assessment.

Daisy is the author of Seven Myths about Education and Making Good Progress? The future of Assessment for Learning, as well as the influential blog https://thewingtoheaven.wordpress.com

New approaches to assessment

Pearson Skills 2

Assessing open tasks like essays and portfolios is a vital part of good assessment, yet it is also incredibly difficult to do reliably. How can we increase the reliability and efficiency of these assessments without compromising their authenticity?