Catherine Sezen

Catherine Sezen

Senior Policy Manager, 14-19 and Curriculum, AoC

Catherine joined AoC in June ‎2015 after working in further education for 14 years. Catherine started working in college as an English language teacher at Chichester College where she also worked as an advanced practitioner and curriculum manager, before moving to Northbrook College. At Northbrook College Catherine had responsibility for 14-16 partnership provision, LLDD foundation programmes and was 14-19 strategic lead. In 2013 Catherine took on responsibility for cross college English and maths, managing a team of 30 staff and teaching GCSE English.

Catherine is currently working on the implications of the Sainsbury review of technical education and Skills Plan and lobbying DfE for a change to English and maths policy.

Technical education and T levels: Delivery implications of the Skills Plan

Skills 3

This session will include an overview of the Skills Plan for technical education and the delivery implications for providers.