Catherine Bailey

Catherine Bailey

Head of Operations, Amdas Training

With over 15 years’ experience within the training sector working with clients from Tesco to Aviva, the opening of the second RoATP pushed Catherine to finally take the plunge and, alongside colleagues from Waterloo based ‘Amdas Recruitment’, founder an Apprenticeship Training Provider ‘Amdas Training’
An entrepreneur at heart, Catherine firmly believes that the introduction of the RoATP can only improve the training sector in the long run and hopes that other experienced individuals will come together to create a market of truly learner focussed providers where quality is the beating heart.

Apprenticeships: A new providers perspective

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With the huge controversy the new apprenticeship standards and the RoATP have been met with, it’s important to hear from the unpopular side of the fence…the new and approved training providers. We are many and the industry has greeted us with scepticism, however the introduction of new ATP’s provides an exciting and fresh take on […]