Andrew Langdale

Andrew Langdale

Founder & CEO, TMA

My passion is running…both businesses and long distance races. Better still is finding like-minded people to do the same.

Starting in business by qualifying as an accountant, I went on to successfully run multi-national companies with
revenues in excess of $1bn, developing and delivering growth strategies, managing teams and strengthening margins.

Whatever ones business sector, at the heart of it lies the development of talented people. To this end I have set up
The Management Academy (TMA) to equip school leavers and graduates with the essential skills needed to succeed in business.

The underlying talent we look for is soft skills and then develop these to better prepare young adults for work. Through a
combination of training and work experience TMA provides a unique pathway into work, with the prospect of fast track career
progression into management.

Can schools adequately prepare students for the workplace ?

Skills 3

More than 80% of British school-leavers require ‘significant training’ before being able to work effectively. Schools need to reduce their focus on student’s acquiring knowledge and increase the emphasis on skills and experiences. Session will discuss ways of doing this – giving examples of where its working and where not.