Finding the right digital skills for employers

Skills 6

3:10 pm - 3:50 pm

We have created a Tech Industry Gold degrees are defined by employers to provide students with the most relevant academic learning, alongside the technical, business and interpersonal skills that place them in high demand in the tech sector.The degrees are endorsed by universities, tech employers and the Tech Partnership’s Higher Education network, who all contribute to the curriculum to ensures students get the most relevant skills.There are currently over 1,250 students in over 20 universities undertaking Tech Industry Gold degrees, supported by a growing network of more than 90 employers. We can provide more information on how this can be a useful pathway for FE students. In addition we can inform the audience about our apprenticeships. The Tech Partnership’s Digital Apprenticeship Board is made up of dedicated and experienced tech and non-tech employers with a mission: to make sure businesses have access to high quality tech and digital apprenticeships.