Pearson at #skillsfest

We have lots of exciting things happening at the Pearson marquee throughout the festival, including virtual courses, a live interactive poll and ‘Colin the AI Teaching Assistant’. So make sure you come and say hello, and pick up your free mocktail too!

Don’t forget that we’re also holding workshops and seminars, on the theme ‘What will education look like in 2030?’

Thursday 22 June 2017, 11.00 -11.40am

Work and Skills in 2030 – how do we prepare children for the jobs of the future? – Vikki Weston, Manager, Open Ideas at Pearson & Nathan Martin, Efficacy and Innovation Manager

Join us for one of the most important conversations in education: a discussion of the trends that are influencing the future of jobs. Pearson have partnered with Nesta and Oxford University to conduct innovative research that looks beyond the automation trends that have been holding the media spotlight. You’ll have the opportunity to take part in a “foresight exercise”, which will get you thinking about the other trends that may affect future employment, the interactions between these trends, and we’ll discuss the knowledge and skill combinations that are likely to become increasingly important for us all.

Friday 23 June 2017, 14.10 – 14.50

New approaches to assessment  | Daisy Christodoulou, Head of Assessment, Ark Schools

Assessing open tasks like essays and portfolios is a vital part of good assessment, yet it is also incredibly difficult to do reliably. How can we increase the reliability and efficiency of these assessments without compromising their authenticity?