Education Support Partnership

Education Support Partnership is the charity for all those working in education. We offer a wide range of free and paid for support services dedicated to ensuring individuals, and the organisations they work in, function at their best.

At Education Support Partnership, we understand the unique pressures that working in education puts on people.  That’s why we provide confidential support to help people deal with stress and anxiety, bullying, career and money worries, and a range of other issues. It’s why we provide training and professional services to help leaders engage, energise and look after their staff, supporting recruitment and retention. Services include: workplace surveying, staff development, coaching, leadership development, employee assistance programmes, counselling and occupational health. For more information on our paid for services, contact us on 0207 687 2750 or  or to ring our free, confidential, 24/7 helpline called 08000 562 561.